Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun

13 June 2024 :

In commemoration of Democracy Day on June 12, 2024, the Plateau State Governor, Caleb Mutfwang, granted pardon to 13 inmates serving various jail terms in the state.
Also, the Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, commuted the death sentence of 45 condemned inmates to prison terms while the Governor of Kaduna State, Uba Sani, on June 11 pardoned 110 prisoners in the spirit of Democracy Day.
A statement by Mutfwang’s Director of Press and Public Affairs, Gyang Bere, said the governor pardoned 13 inmates based on recommendations of the Plateau State Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy.
Bere quoted Mutfwang as saying “In exercise of the powers conferred upon me under Section 212 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended, I, Barrister Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, Governor of Plateau State, Nigeria, after consultation with the State Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy, do hereby exercise my power of Prerogative of Mercy.”
The governor said the beneficiaries had shown remorse for their crimes, based on the recommendations from the Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy.
He urged the public to focus on dialogue and reconciliation for a progressive and prosperous state, highlighting democracy as the best model for addressing national challenges.
In Ogun State, Abiodun, on June 12, freed 41 inmates serving various jail terms across the correctional centres in the state while another 45 prisoners on death row had their death sentences commuted to imprisonment.
Abiodun announced the pardon in his Democracy Day speech at the June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta.
Nigeria celebrates Democracy Day on June 12, commemorating the June 12, 1993 presidential election adjudged as the freest and fairest in the country’s democratic history.
The day is also to celebrate the acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential poll, the late MKO Abiola.
The June 12, 1993, presidential poll was annulled by the Gen Ibrahim Babangida military junta, while Abiola was jailed by the late dictator, Gen Sani Abacha, who would later hijack power from Interim President Ernest Shonekan.
Abiola died in detention in July 1998, fighting to reclaim his electoral mandate.
Speaking at the Democracy Day celebration, the Ogun State governor, Abiodun, described the late Abiola as a trailblazer and worthy son of Ogun State.
Abiodun said it was regretted that Abiola died in prison shortly before the benevolent military government of Gen Abdusalam Abubakar began releasing political prisoners following Abacha’s death.
Earlier on June 11, Governor Sani of Kaduna State pardoned 110 in commemoration of the June 12, Democracy Day.
Sani, who visited the Nigerian  Correctional Centre in the state capital,  urged the released convicts to reform and acquire skills so as to become useful members of society.
“I came to this custodial centre today with mixed feelings. We are celebrating our Democracy Day, a day set aside to pay tribute to those who made sacrifices so that we can live in freedom.
“I am also here to see our brothers and sisters who found themselves on the wrong side of the law.
“I am releasing a total number of 110 convicts today to mark the celebration of our one year in office and more importantly, to celebrate the 2024 June 12, Democracy Day.
“I have been so disturbed with the high rate of inmates either awaiting trials or those whose trials have begun but are still ongoing, while those who have been convicted with fine or option of fine also makes the number.
“I urge all of you who are about to be released to reciprocate our gesture by being of good character henceforth. Try and acquire one or two skills,” the governor said.


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