17 June 2024 :

At least 63 people have been executed in Nasiriyah Central Prison in recent weeks alone. Human rights groups accuse the judiciary and executive authorities of abusing detainees and coercing them into making false confessions to justify the imposition of the death penalty.
Human rights organizations claim that in Iraq, the death penalty is driven by sectarian and political factors, resulting in the execution of mostly Sunni individuals.
In May, the UN envoy expressed concern over the mass executions carried out under anti-terrorism laws.
In April, Amnesty International researcher Razaw Salihi expressed concerns about the recent executions in Iraq. Salihi stated that these executions pose a significant danger and highlighted the involvement of the judicial system in human rights violations. According to her, the Iraqi government should take immediate action to abolish the death penalty.
Naif Shammari, a member of the Nineveh Provincial Council, suggested that a review of the investigation into ISIS detainees is necessary.
Shammari added that the majority of the detainees were arrested on the basis of inaccurate information.


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