Nimisha Priya

08 March 2022 :

An Appeals Court in Yemen on 7 March 2022 upheld death penalty for Keralite nurse Nimisha Priya (33) who is charged with murder of a Yemen youth back in 2017, a killing she maintains was accidental and at end of mental torture and business fraud on part of the victim.
Nimisha, who worked as a nurse, had returned to Kerala with her husband Tomy Thomas in 2015. She later traveled back to Yemen to set up a clinic of her own. She needed business affiliation from Yemen citizens for the venture. That’s when Talal came into the picture.
The business reaped good profits and quickly and Talal was greedy to have it all and reportedly manipulated documents that entitled all the clinic income to him.  According to Nimisha, the mental torture also included morphing picture to claim they were wedded whereby he could keep all the income as her husband.
According to the defense, on July 25, 2017, Talal came to her house and was doing drugs. Nimisha injected him with sedative Ketamine to retrieve her passport he withheld to subdue her.  But soon after the injection, Talal fell to the floor and died. Later, with help of a friend who severed the body parts, disposed him into their water tank.

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