USA - Texas. Judge recommended that Areli Escobar get a new trial

16 January 2021 :

Judge recommends new trial to Areli Escobar.
A Travis County state district judge, David Wahlberg, has recommended that Escobar get a new trial, after his attorneys raised concerns that a former Austin crime lab technician incorrectly analyzed DNA evidence collected in the case. The recommendation comes as local attorneys review Travis County convictions that involved DNA evidence after a state audit highlighted problems at the lab. Areli Escobar, 41, Hispanic, was sentenced to death on May 20, 2011 (see HoC) for sexually assaulting and killing 17-year-old Bianca Maldonado and injuring her son. He may get a new trial, if the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals agrees with Judge David Wahlberg's recommendation.


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