USA - Pennsylvania. Richard Baumhammers asks for "pen pals"

05 July 2020 :

Richard Baumhammers asks for "pen pals" from Pennsylvania's death row. Baumhammers, 55, White, with a letter to the Brussels office of Hands off Cain asked for "pen pals". The most recent news that HoC had published on Baumhammers dates back to October 7, 2014, when a federal judge suspended its execution because he had not completed all the appeal possibilities.
Baumhammers, dual nationality, Latvian and American, an immigration lawyer, was sentenced to death in 2001. He is accused of 5 murders committed on 28 April 2000 against people belonging to ethnic minorities. The victims were his Jewish neighbor, Anita Gordon, an immigrant from India, Anil Thakur, a Vietnamese immigrant, Thao "Tony" Pham, a Chinese immigrant, Ji-Ye "Jerry" Sun, and a black, Garry Lee . In 2007, a man of Indian origin who, after the shooting had been paralyzed, also died from the aftermath of his injuries.


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