USA - Maryland. Kenneth J. Lighty gets 2 life sentences at resentencing

USA - Kenneth J. Lighty (MD)

11 June 2024 :

JUNE 6, 2024 - Maryland. Kenneth J. Lighty gets 2 life sentences at resentencing.
The last Marylander to face the death penalty has been resentenced to life in prison plus 35 years for his role the 2002 kidnapping and murder of Eric Larry Hayes.
Kenneth J. Lighty, 41, Black, no longer faces the possibility of execution after the U.S. Attorney’s Office said last month it would not seek the death penalty again. A judge threw out Lighty’s death sentence last year and resentenced him Thursday to two consecutive life sentences, the office said.
Lighty was the last Maryland resident on federal death row before his sentence was vacated. He continued to face the death penalty in the federal system even after Maryland abolished executions for state crimes in 2013.
Lighty was 23 years old when a federal jury recommended the death penalty for him in 2006. Federal prosecutors said Lighty and two co-defendants (James Everett Flood and Lorenzo Anthony Wilson) abducted and murdered 19-year-old Eric Larry Hayes II on Jan. 3, 2002. Three weeks after the killing, Lighty and one of the other co-defendants also participated in a drive-by shooting that killed Antoine Newbill, a 22-year-old man, and injured two other people, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in 2006. Lighty was arrested with the gun in the District of Columbia on January 31, 2002. He was on probation for a drug offense and on bond pending robbery charges in Prince George’s County, Maryland at the time of his involvement in these crimes.
Lighty maintained his innocence at sentencing, according to reports from the time. His two co-defendants both received life in prison.


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