USA - Louisiana. Jarrell Neal’s death sentence overturned

USA - Louisiana

29 August 2023 :

(AUGUST 28, 2023) - Jarrell Neal’s death sentence overturned
An appeals court (U.S. 5th Circuit) has thrown out the conviction and death sentence for Jarrell Neal who was convicted for the March 31, 1998 shooting deaths of Greg Vickers and Fergus Robinson.
At his trial, then-21-year-old Neal, who is Black, was represented by a Jefferson Parish attorney who was completely unprepared. There was not a proper investigation nor forensic analysis used in the case.
This is a case where no physical evidence tied Mr. Neal to this crime scene and the state’s sole eyewitness identified his co-defendant as the shooter.
His new lawyer said Neal stayed in the car the entire time and had nothing whatsoever to do with the murders and his attorney failed to use physical evidence that connected his co-defendants to the scene of the crime. If the state does not seek a rehearing of the case, Neal will return to Jefferson Parish and face a new trial. In the meantime, he remains in custody.


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