USA - Louisiana. House approves HB 6

USA - Louisiana

26 February 2024 :

February 23, 2024 - Louisiana. House approves HB 6 adding electrocution and nitrogen gas to execution protocol.
The House approved HB 6 on a 71-29 vote, sending it to the Senate. The vote followed more than 90 minutes of deliberation in which Democrats peppered the bill's Republican sponsor with questions over the legality and ethics of restarting executions.
The bill's progression to the Senate, where Republicans hold a 2/3 majority, marks a victory for Republican Gov. Jeff Landry, an ardent death penalty supporter, and brings the state a step closer to executing death row prisoners for the 1st time since 2010. (On HB 6 see also HoC FEBRUARY 21, 2024)


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