USA - Florida. Roderick Orme sentenced to death

06 March 2022 :

Roderick Orme sentenced to death row for a 3rd time.
In March of 1993, Roderick Orme, now 60, White, received the death penalty for raping and murdering Lisa Redd in Panama City. Thursday, Bay County Circuit Court Judge Brantley Clark ruled that the verdict still stands after Orme’s resentencing. Redd, 34, was a local nurse in the area at the time of her death. Reports said Orme and Redd had previously dated prior to the murder on March 3, 1992. At that time, Orme was said to be high on crack cocaine and drinking in a motel room when he called Redd for help. That’s when Orme raped and strangled Redd to death. Orme was charged with first-degree murder and got the death penalty by a 7 to 5 vote by jurors. The case was again reopened in 2017 after a case decided by the Florida Supreme Court, Hurst vs. the State of Florida, deemed it unconstitutional for a person to be sentenced to death without a unanimous jury decision. A 2nd sentence hearing was held in 2007 when a different jury voted for the death penalty by an 11 to 1 vote. A 3rd sentencing was held in 2017 based on a supreme court decision calling for a 12 to zero vote. Orme was also charged with robbery and sexual battery with physical force.


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