USA - European Union. EU condemns U.S. for resuming federal executions.

13 July 2020 :

EU condemns U.S. for resuming federal executions. The European Union on Friday condemned the Trump administration for reimposing the federal death penalty and urged the Justice Department to reverse corse, saying such moves marched in the face of global efforts to end capital punishment. “The European Union strongly opposes the decision of the United States Department of Justice to resume the federal death penalty after a 17-year hiatus,” the EU spokesperson Peter Stano said in a statement. “This decision runs counter to the overall trend in the United States and worldwide to abolish the death penalty, either by law or in practice.” The statement said the EU views the death penalty as “cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment,” and called for the implementation of effective and nonlethal punishment measures. The spokesperson said the EU stands behind victims of crimes and their families, but says sentencing a person to death is “incompatible with the inalienable right to life, fails to provide effective deterrence to criminal behavior, and is irreversible.”


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