USA - Alabama. Cory Maples’ death sentenced tossed out

USA - Cory Maples (AL)

04 February 2022 :

Cory Maples’ death sentenced tossed out
U.S. District Court Judge Karon O. Bowdre Thursday tossed out the death sentence for Cory Maples, ruling that his lawyers were ineffective during the 1997 sentencing phase of his trial for the July 7, 1995 slayings of his 2 friends in Morgan County.
Bowdre, in a 127-page opinion, stated that Maples attorneys in the sentencing phase “failed to reasonably investigate and present mitigating evidence on Maple’s behalf. Had his counsel done so, a reasonable probability arises that at least one juror would have been swayed to vote for life without the possibility of parole instead of death.”
Jurors at his trial had voted 10-2 to recommend the death penalty – the fewest possible to recommend a death sentence. The judge had final say.
Maples was convicted after confessing to police he shot two of his friends, Stacy Terry and Barry Robinson, in Morgan County.

Federal judge tosses out death sentence of Alabama inmate -


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