The Dubai Criminal Court

16 January 2024 :

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced an Arab man to death for the premeditated murder of his European girlfriend, Gulf News reported on Janury 16, 2024.
The incident, which occurred in July 2020, unfolded after the victim sought to end their relationship due to her association with another person.
He immediately contacted the police and an ambulance. The police promptly launched an investigation into the crime, collecting evidence from the crime scene. The young man, driven by a desire for revenge, meticulously planned the murder. According to case documents, the defendant had closely monitored his ex-girlfriend's movements after their breakup.
The defendant's capture and subsequent confession shed light on the motives behind the act. The defendant acknowledged that he had been in a romantic relationship with the victim since 2017. However, he had discovered her interactions on a social media platform with other individuals. She had expressed her intention to end their relationship, but the defendant's refusal led to his relentless pursuit of her.
The victim had previously left the country to escape the defendant's threats and harassment. However, after two years, she returned to Dubai to resume her work. It was then that the defendant found her once again, leading to a confrontation.
The victim had requested a loan of Dh55,000 from the defendant, who lent her Dh30,000, despite his financial difficulties following the termination of his employment due to neglect and his relentless search for her.
The defendant's discovery of the victim's involvement with another individual further strained their relationship, resulting in heated arguments and the victim's request to end their association. She even returned the borrowed amount to sever all ties with him. The defendant's attempts to reconcile with her were met with resistance, leading to further tension.
On the day of the incident, the defendant attempted to contact the victim, but she did not respond. Fueled by anger and revenge, he went to her residence armed with a knife and other tools he had purchased to carry out his sinister plan. Upon finding her outside her apartment, a violent confrontation ensued, leading to the victim's death on the staircase of the building.
The defendant initially fled the scene but returned and was discovered by a security guard and another witness. He managed to escape temporarily but was eventually apprehended near a shopping mall in another emirate.
The Dubai Criminal Court found him guilty of deliberately murdering the victim, having prepared a range of tools, including a knife, rope, hammer, plastic link, stick, and adhesive tape, all of which he used in the murder. He monitored the victim's movements, ambushed her, and subjected her to a horrific and prolonged attack until her death.
The court, in its ruling, convicted the defendant and sentenced him to death, citing the deliberate nature of the murder and the brutality of his actions.


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