Alvin Avon Braziel

12 December 2018 :

Alvin Avon Braziel (43, Black) was executed on 11 December 2018.
He had been sentenced to death in Dallas County, on August 9, 2001.
Braziel was 18 years old on September 21, 1993 when he killed a man (Douglas White, 27) and raped his wife, Lora, after a failed robbery attempt.
For seven years, police couldn’t identify the man behind the slaying. But then, in 2001, DNA testing led authorities to a man already behind bars: Alvin Braziel, who was serving a 5-year sentence for sexual assault of a child.
Afterward, Lora identified Braziel as the man who attacked her, but in his trial he maintained that he didn’t do it and wasn’t there.
The pharmacy that has provided lethal drugs to Texas has a record of safety violations, and five of the prisoners executed in the state this year have reported pain or burning as the execution drug was injected, which doctors have indicated may be a sign that the drugs are out of date or impure. Braziel is the 13th person executed in Texas this year, the 558th person executed in Texas since the state resumed executions in 1982, the 24th this year in the U.S., and the 1,489th person executed in the United States since 1976.


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