Mohamed Abdi Jirow

18 March 2023 :

A military court in Somalia on 15 March 2023 executed three al-Shabab militants it said pretended to be a doctor and soldiers to carry out bombings and shootings.
The military appeals court in Mogadishu ordered the executions of three men it said were al-Shabab militants who disguised themselves to carry out deadly attacks in the city.
The court said 38-year-old Mohamed Abdi Nur Jirow used fake names and titles, including calling himself “Dr. Fanah” and claiming to be a a neurologist.
Authorities say in 2021 he bombed two restaurants in Mogadishu, killing 20 people.
The court said Jirow also killed two people in an attack on a football stadium on the outskirts of Mogadishu, though it didn’t say when, and helped with a suicide bombing in February that killed one soldier.
Mumin Hussein Abdullahi is the deputy prosecutor at the military court.
He said on 15 March they executed the convicts Mohamed Abdi Nur Jirow, also known as Dr. Fanah, Mohamed Abdulle Abkow, known as Bimalow, and Sharif Mohamed Barqadle Ayanle, also known as Jeego.
The court said 36-year-old Bimalow pretended to be a military lieutenant and bombed a restaurant in Mogadishu in 2019, killing 11 people.


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