Hassan Adan Isak

15 October 2018 :

Somalia on 14 October 2018 executed by firing squad a man linked to one of the country's deadliest ever attacks, one year after the tragedy which left over 500 dead, a court statement and police sources said.
Hundreds of Somalis gathered at a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the attack in which a truck packed with explosives blew up at a busy intersection, destroying some 20 buildings in an apocalyptic scene in a city used to regular explosions at the hands of Islamist group Al-Shabaab.
A year on, the Al-Qaeda linked group which still governs large swaths of territory, has never claimed responsibility, which observers attribute to the public outrage caused by the attack.
To coincide with the anniversary, a military court announced early 14 October morning that a member of the team involved in the attack, had been executed.
Hassan Adan Isak, was sentenced to death for "driving one of the vehicles used in the blast," read a statement from the court.
"Today, the 14th October 2018, the death penalty was carried out against him."


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