Al-Shabaab execution

16 January 2024 :

The militant group Al-Shabaab on January 15, 2024 carried out a public execution of seven individuals in Jilib, Middle Juba region. The victims were accused of espionage, allegedly collaborating with the federal government, Jubaland administration, and the intelligence agencies of the United States and Kenya.
The execution, conducted in a local public square, was witnessed by compelled residents of Jilib.
The victims, primarily young men, were subjected to punishment by the militant group.
Among those executed were Ali Bakar Yusuf, known as Hamza Baajuuni, 32 years old, accused of collaborating with Kenyan intelligence, and Jamal Idris Nayaga, 23, alleged to have worked with the Kenyan Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU).
Also among the executed was Juulo Muwan Joule Jaaka Yaasir, 28, purported by Al-Shabaab to be involved with Kenyan intelligence. The eldest, Talar Abdulle Adan, 55, was accused of connections with the CIA, while Deeq Farah Yusuf, 33, was claimed to be a Kenyan spy.
Mursal Hassan Yusuf, 19, was declared a member of Jubaland forces by Al-Shabaab, and Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim, 27, was accused of affiliation with the Somali government.
The execution is not the first instance of Al-Shabaab killing individuals by firing squad in areas under its control under espionage charges with no fair court procedures.


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