05 July 2018 :

Al-Shabaab militant group has shot dead an elder, who took part in 2016 elections as a delegate. The elderly man, identified as Abshir Nur Hussein, was killed in Gamboole District of Middle Shabelle region. He was one of the delegates who participated in the selection of Members of Parliament from Hirshabelle.
Al-Shabaab ordered residents of Gamboole to gather in a public area to witness the execution of Abshir. Family members, who spoke to the media, confirmed the execution of the electoral delegate, who was aged 93. They said he was mainly killed for taking part in the 2016 electoral process.
According to other sources, the elder had been held by Al-Shabaab for three months before eventually being executed. He was captured by the Al-Shabaab militants when he willingly presented himself before an Al-Shabaab controlled court in Gamboole location to report a land dispute between farmers and pastoralists in the area.


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