12 March 2018 :

Singapore executed a Ghanaian man for drug smuggling, rejecting his plea for clemency.
Billy Agbozo, 39, was found guilty and executed on March 9, more than 4 years after his arrest.
He had travelled by plane from Accra to Dubai on April 4, 2013, before boarding a plane bound for Singapore. He arrived at Singapore's Changi Airport the next day and planned to spend five nights in the Asian country.
But he was stopped by checkpoint inspectors who screened his luggage - a black haversack and a red-and-black suitcase.
According to, A White, crystalline substances were found in the wall of the haversack and the inner plastic casing of the suitcase. The substances contained 1.63kg of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of about $135,600.
Details of his recorded telephone conversation with an unknown caller in twi were also captured and presented as evidence against him.
He was arrested and found guilty of illegally importing controlled drugs under the Country's Misuse of Drugs Act.
It not yet known the arrangement made between Ghana and Singapore and whether Accra presented a plea.
His appeal against his conviction and sentence was dismissed by the Court of Appeal in February last year.
His petition to the President for clemency was also turned down.


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