17 November 2017 :

The High Court of Sierra Leone in Moyamba convicted 2 Armed Robbers for the offences of Conspiracy, Robbery with Aggravation and Wounding with intent.
Mohamed Swarray (aka Gbassay) and James Alfred (aka Cow) were both arraigned on a 5 counts indictment of Conspiracy, Robbery with Aggravation and wounding with intent before the High Court at its Special Criminal Session Holden at Moyamba.
The State had alleged that both accused and others met in Bo town, planned and attacked a number of shops and residence in Gbangbatoke on the 3rd April instant.
The accused who were armed with Machete, crow bar, cutter and scissors attacked and seriously wounded residents of Gbangbatoke Town and robbed them of valuable items and huge sums of money. One of the accused confessed as to how the attacks were planned and carried out and that he was part of the dreadful armed robbery in Pujehun Town.
Hon Justice Monfred Momoh Sesay JA accordingly convicted both accused and sentenced them to death by firing squad appointed for that purpose for the offence of Robbery with Aggravation and to 10 years imprisonment for each of the accused for the offence of wounding with intent.
Both Accused can appeal their convictions and sentences within 21 days.


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