16 September 2020 :

Saudi Arabia has awarded on 14 September 2020 the death penalty to two Saudi brothers associated with Daesh (the so-called IS) terrorist outfit. They were convicted of killing their mother and attempting to murder their father and brother.
In a crime that took place in June 2016, the brothers lured their mother to one of the rooms in their house where the second defendant grabbed her firmly from the back and put his left hand on her mouth so that he would not hear her screams, and the first defendant stabbed her several times in many parts of her body until she fell on the ground. The second defendant then slaughtered her. The court found that the brothers planned the murder in advance and arranged weapons for their crime on the pretext of blasphemy that according to them justifies the killing.
They were found guilty of adopting the takfiri ideology that promoted them to kill their mother for not embracing the ideology. They also attempted to kill their father and brother on the same pretext. They attacked the father and hit him with a machete on his head and hands with the intention of killing him.
They also attacked their brother and hit him several times on his head and hands with machetes with the intention of killing him under the pretext of his disbelief and permitting his blood, but he managed to escape. They managed to escape after committing the crimes.


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