15 February 2024 :

Three murder convicts were awarded death sentence in three different murder cases in Wah and Attock on February 2, 2024, a police spokesman said.
In the first incident, a murder convict was sentenced to death and a fine amounting to Rs200,000 was imposed on him for abducting and killing his friend within the limits of Wah Cantonment police station on September 13, 2022.
As per the FIR registered with Wah Cantonment police station, the accused, Tipu Meer, allegedly abducted his 25-year-old friend, identified as Hina Akbar, killed her, chopped her body and dumped them at various locations in the district.
Police traced the suspect through mobile phone data and arrested him
During interrogation, Tipu Meer confessed that the girl was blackmailing him to marry her or face consequences, so he had no choice but to get rid of her in a way that nobody could find any clue about her death.
Later, the prosecution produced substantial evidence against Mr Meer, which verified his involvement in the murder of Ms Akbar.
Subsequently, Mr Meer was sentenced to death.
Separately, Additional Session Judge Qammaruz Zaman in Pindigheb town of Attock on February 2 awarded the death penalty to a convict for murdering a married woman over a domestic feud with the premises of the Pindigheb police station on November 4, 2022.
Besides, a fine amounting to Rs400,000 was also imposed on the convict.
As per the FIR registered at Pindigheb police station, the accused, Iftikhar Ahmed, had shot dead the wife of Mohammad Ashraf in the Akhlas area. The suspect was declared a proclaimed offender (PO) by the court after he went underground.
Later, the police raided his hideout and arrested the suspect, and during the trial, the prosecution proved Mr Ahmed’s involvement in the murder of the woman.
The suspect was then sent to the gallows.
Moreover, Additional Session Judge Attock Mohammad Zaffar Iqbal sentenced a convict to death for killing a woman in the Sarwala area of the city police area in 2017. The convict was also ordered to pay Rs500,000 as a fine.
As per the FIR registered, the accused, Khalid Nawaz, had shot dead his sister-in-law for honor and went underground. He was declared a PO by the court, but later, in 2023, police arrested the accused and recovered the weapon utilized in the murder case.
The prosecution produced substantial evidence against Mr Nawaz, which confirmed his involvement in the murder of the woman. Following this, the murder convict was awarded death sentence.


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