02 November 2023 :

Three men were sentenced to death on five counts each in a case involving the murder of five people in Barki area, Dunya News reported on October 31, 2023.
The accused were given the death penalty after being found guilty in the case of killing five people in Barki area of Lahore.
Sessions Court Judge Shoaib Anwar Qureshi pronounced the verdict against 10 accused involved in the case. 
Six accused Heera, Zulfiqar Ali alias Sohni, Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Waqar, Liaquat Ali and Jahangir were produced in the court.
Accused Farman Ali, Rehmat Ali, Waqas Ali and Qadir Ali alias Chan appeared before the court on bail.
The court pronounced the verdict after the presence of all the accused involved in the case.
Lawyer Asghar Ali Gul completed the arguments on behalf of the accused while Farhad Ali Shah gave arguments on behalf of the plaintiff.
The judge sentenced accused Heera, Zulfikar and Jahangir to death five times while acquitting accused Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Waqar, Liaquat Ali, Qadeer, Rahmat Ali and Farman Ali.
It should be noted that a case was registered against the accused six years ago in 2018 under the provisions of murder.


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