18 April 2024 :

The Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Casablanca delivered its verdict on April 16, 2024 in the case of the hit-and-run murder of university student Badr. The primary suspect received the death penalty, while his accomplices were sentenced to life imprisonment and varying terms. 
The court sentenced the main defendant, Ashraf S., to death for his primary involvement in the fatal hit-and-run of Badr.
He was charged with intentional murder, premeditated attempted murder, participation in robbery under aggravated circumstances, including multiple perpetrators, nighttime, and the use of violence.
Meanwhile, the court handed down life imprisonment to the second culprit, Ahmed R., who confessed to being the driver of the vehicle that struck Badr.
In addition, a 20-year prison sentence was handed to a third accomplice, who is a former soldier, along with a 25-year sentence to another individual involved. 
A 5-year sentence was also handed to the main suspect’s son-in-law, who is believed to have aided in his escape by transporting him to Laayoune following the killing of Badr in Casablanca.
Compensation was also awarded to the victim’s family and others affected by the crime. This included MAD 500,000 ($49.1k) for the victim’s parents, MAD 100,000 ($9.8k) for his sisters, and MAD 30,000 ($2.9k) for other parties who sought civil damages.
The grief-stricken family of Badr expressed a sense of relief following the verdict. The mother, in particular, was visibly emotional and struggled to contain her tears as she spoke to the media outside the courtroom. 
Despite the immense pain of losing her son, she said the verdict brought closure and reassurance that justice was being served for Badr.
Meanwhile, Badr’s sister thanked the court for its “fairness,” saying: “I was confident that the verdict would be just, and this brings us some relief from the pain of losing him [Badr].”
The tragic incident took place on the night of July 30, 2023, when Badr and his friends were involved in a confrontation with five suspects in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant in Casablanca. 
One of the suspects assaulted Badr during the altercation, rendering him unconscious. While Badr’s friends tried to help him, the suspects deliberately ran over them with their car, resulting in the victim’s death and injuries to his companions. 
The tragic death of Badr was captured on video and circulated online, sparking widespread outrage across Morocco. 


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