Moroccan King Mohammed VI

07 April 2020 :

King Mohammed VI ordered on 5 April 2020 the release of 5,654 detainees in an exceptional royal pardon due to the COVID-19 crisis.
The King gave his orders as part of Morocco’s measures to limit the spread of the pandemic, which has killed dozens in the country and affected 960 to date.
A statement from the Ministry of Justice said that the royal pardon concerns a specific category of prisoners selected on basis of strictly objective criteria.
The criteria will take into account prisoners’ age, state of health, and the length of their detention.
The mechanism will also take into account good conduct and discipline of prisoners throughout their detention.
The measure is in line with the exceptional circumstances associated with the Moroccan state of emergency and precautions imposed to limit the spread of the pandemic.
Morocco entered a state of emergency on 20 March, effective until 20 April.
“The beneficiaries of the royal pardon will be subject to surveillance, medical tests, as well as the necessary quarantine, at their home, to ensure their safety,” the ministry said.
The release of the detainees will take place gradually.
In addition to the royal pardon, the King ordered necessary measures to boost the protection of detainees within prison establishments, particularly against the spread of this epidemic, the statement added.


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