07 December 2023 :

The Criminal Court on December 4, 2023 sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen and an Egyptian expatriate, who were charged with Mubarak Al-Rashidi's murder, to death by hanging.
After it was proven that the suspects had committed premeditated murder, the Public Prosecution asked the Criminal Court to impose the death penalty on them.
According to the report, the first defendant committed his crime with premeditation by preparing his equipment, searching for the victim, and killing him after capturing him.
The Ministry of Interior announced the discovery of Mubarak Al- Rashidi's body inside a container in Salmi five weeks after he disappeared in Subbiya desert.
On May 26, the forensic evidence report revealed that the body belonged to the missing citizen Mubarak Al-Rashidi, and that he had been killed.
Throughout the investigation and ongoing efforts of the Ministry of Interior since the disappearance of Mubarak Al-Rashidi, details and circumstances of the crime have been revealed.
In coordination with the Egyptian security authorities, the investigation extended from Kuwait to Egypt in order to find the Egyptian suspect who saw the crime in Kabd and assisted in transporting Al-Rashidi's body to Salmi.


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