24 February 2020 :

The Court of Cassation presided over by Judge Ahmad Al-Ajeel has commuted death sentence by hanging to life imprisonment for two security operatives affiliated to Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense respectively who were accused of kidnapping and raping a Kuwaiti woman in a desert area, Arab Times reported on 23 February 2020.
According to the case file, the victim reported the incident at a police station, explaining that she was driving when a traffic patrol ordered her to pull over and demanded for identification. After claiming she was wanted at the Civil Execution Department over a financial crime, she was handed over to a policeman and another person.
They later approached her for an agreement to let her off the hook if she agreed to follow them to an apartment. She pretended to agree to the proposal and the policeman returned her civil ID card to her and said, “You are now free, so let us go to the apartment”.
She requested to use the toilet and he allowed her to go but she escaped and started running on the main road, where she boarded a taxi. When the partner of the policeman realized she had escaped, he chased her on his 4WD vehicle and forced the taxi driver to pull over and pull her into the jeep. He and the policeman then took her to a desert area in Firdous area where they raped her and then abandoned her in front of Firdous Cooperative Society.


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