Prime Minister of Iraq Mohammed Shia al-Sudani

15 April 2024 :

An Iraqi court on April 14, 2024 issued death sentences to six drug dealers, including three foreigners.
"The Central Criminal Court issued a verdict to execute six drug dealers who were convicted of trafficking narcotic substances," a statement by the media office of the Supreme Judicial Council said, without specifying the nationalities of the three foreigners.
The statement said that four of the convicts, including a foreigner, worked within an international network to promote marijuana and were found in possession of 2.8 kg.
The other two convicted foreigners were found in possession of 10 kg of opium and various narcotic substances, the statement added.
In May 2023, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani underlined the importance of waging "a war on drugs," saying that drug dealing remains one of the main ways of financing terrorism, and the circulation of drugs flourishes in the shadow of terrorism.


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