IRAN - Young Jewish man at risk of execution

IRAN - Nethanel Ghahremani

18 May 2024 :

May 17, 2024 - IRAN. Arvin Ghahremani, a 20-year-old Jewish man, is scheduled to be executed on Monday. His mother has made a desperate appeal for help to save her son.
Iran Human Rights calls for an urgent stay of execution for Arvin Ghahremani and other death row prisoners.
According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, Arvin Ghahremani, a Jewish man who was 18 at the time of arrest, is at imminent risk of execution in Kermanshah Central Prison. He was sentenced for murder during a street group fight.
A source told IHR: “Arvin Ghahremani was arrested for the murder of Amir Shokri who was killed during a street group fight two years ago. His family have been given until Monday to convince the victim’s family to forgo execution. If not, his execution will be carried out.”
Arvin Ghahremani, who is currently held in the pre-execution cells of Kermanshah Central Prison, was scheduled to be executed on Saturday but his family were informed that it was postponed.
In an audio message obtained by IHR, Ghahremani’s mother, Sonia Saadati, appeals to for help save her son’s life.
Ben Sabti, an expert on Iranian Jews at the Israeli National Security and Strategy Institute, told Iran International that the Jewish community has repeatedly requested forgiveness from the family but has not been successful.
It should be noted that, in this period of particular international tension, this is a case in which a Jew killed a Muslim, although apparently in self-defense.


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