IRAN - Sajjad ... executed at Adelabad Prison on January 18

IRAN - Shiraz Central Prison (aka Adel Abad Prison)

22 January 2022 :

Sajjad (surname undetermined) executed at Adelabad Prison in Shiraz on January 18, 2022.
At dawn on Tuesday, January 18, a prisoner named Sajjad (surname Undetermined) was executed from Sa’adat Ward of Adelabad Prison in Shiraz on murder charges. HRANA, which first published the news, wrote: “Sajjad was transferred to solitary confinement in the basement of Adelabad Prison in Shiraz yesterday to carry out his death sentence.” According to the report, the citizen was arrested about three years and six months ago on murder charges during a fight.
The report quoted an informed source as saying: “During this group fight, where officers were also present at the scene, one person was killed. Sajjad was holding a Kalashnikov in his hand and even though the victim was killed by a 9mm pistol’s bullet, they attributed the murder to him. Sajjad denied the murder up to his execution.”


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