IRAN - Saeed Ramezani hanged on August 16 in Yasuj prison.

26 August 2020 :

Saeed Ramezani hanged on August 16 in Yasuj prison. The news was given in two stages by IHR, which, citing the pro-government press agency ILNA, on 17 August had identified the detainee only as "Ahad", and indicated the date as "unspecified but recent". On August 26, the same IHR identified the man as Saeed Ramezani, aged 35. Crime confirmed: murder during a robbery. The man was accused of being one of the 4 members of a gang who robbed a jewelry store on January 20, 2018, killing the owner. Initially the 4 executions were to be performed in public. Later one of the executions, evidently that of Ramezani, was modified and placed inside a prison. The three public executions should have been those of January 13, 2019 in Haft Tir Square in Yasuj. According to the Hands Off Cain database, Abdullah (Abdollah) Johari, Keykavous (Keykawos) Jamal Sirat, and Rostam Rezaei (Reza'i) were publicly executed on that date in Yasuj.


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