IRAN - Qasem Shah Bakhsh executed in Zahedan on September 29

IRAN - Qasem Shah Bakhsh

04 October 2022 :

Qasem Shah Bakhsh executed in Zahedan prison on September 29.
A Baloch prisoner named Qasem Shah Bakhsh was executed in Zahedan prison today on charges of killing two Basiji agents. He was 23, son of Hamel, a resident of Pirsoran village, part of Kurin district of Zahedan.
Human rights agencies of Balochistan wrote about the case of this prisoner. “In 2018, the armed forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Korin sector located in Zahedan. With weapons and uniforms of the Revolutionary Guards, they attacked the house of one of the residents of Shuro village named “Haji Wali Mohammad” with the aim of revenge. In addition to beating the residents of the house and breaking a woman’s leg and destroying household items. Two children, 16-year-old Yasin Shah Bakhsh and 8-year-old Jabar Shah Bakhsh, were taken hostage.
After this action, Qasem Shah Bakhsh decided to take revenge on the IRGC forces. And by disarming the local Basij forces, he killed two of them with their own weapons. And in 2018, he was arrested in Zahedan and then sentenced to death on the same charges.
It should be noted that Qasem ‘s father Hamel Shah Bakhsh was killed by the military forces of the Islamic Republic in 2000.


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