IRAN - Massih Hatami hanged on January 23, at the prison of Bandar Abbas.

29 January 2020 :

Massih Hatami hanged on January 23, at the central prison of Bandar Abbas. They were sentenced to death for drug smuggling. According to Iran Human Rights (IHR) sources, on the morning of Thursday, January 23, 2020, prisoner Massih Hatami (also spelled Masih Hatami) was hanged at the central prison of the city of Bandar Abbas. According to IHR sources, Hatami was sentenced to death for the accusation of running a drug cartel. He was the second suspect in a widely known legal case, branded as the "Crocodile of the Persian Gulf." The term refers to the nickname of Eisa Zamin Koofte, accused of leading an international narcotics gang. The notorious drug kingpin, the 'Crocodile of the Persian Gulf,' was arrested in 2015 during a sting operation while transferring more than 400 tons of drugs through international waters. However, well-informed sources told IHR that the judiciary officials have exaggerated the amount of the drugs smuggled by him. Massih Hatami’s co-defendant was hanged in August 2019. “More than 7 tons of drugs have been discovered from the cartel”, a Judiciary official told Mizan News at that time.


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