IRAN - Jaffar Tayebi has been executed in Qom Central Prison on August 7.

08 August 2020 :

Jaffar Tayebi has been executed in Qom Central Prison on August 7. According to Iran Human Rights, a prisoner was executed in Qom Central Prison this morning. His identity has been established as Jaffar Tayebi, who had been sentenced to qisas (retribution in-kind) for “premeditated murder.” An informed source told IHR: “Tayebi killed his landlord’s son about three years ago and he was unable to obtain the consent of the victim’s family.” The source also talked about the health conditions at Qom Central Prison during the COVID-19 outbreak: "No measures were taken to disinfect the wards during the corona outbreak, and even masks and gloves were not provided to the prisoners. The prison infirmary does not take care of sick prisoners and returns the sick prisoner to the ward immediately." "Most of the prisoners who returned from furlough were infected with the coronavirus and spread it to other prisoners, and some prisoners are coughing from morning till night, and the authorities do not provide masks to these prisoners. None of the prisoners with corona were transferred out of prison for treatment and are being kept among other prisoners." At the time of publication, the execution of Jaffar Tayebi has not been announced by officials or domestic media outlets.


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