IRAN - Italy. Press conference in the Italian Parliament for a change in the policy on Iran

IRAN (Italia) Conferenza stampa 2023

15 April 2023 :

(April 12, 2023) - On April 12, a press conference was held in the Italian Parliament, where a group of Italian senators announced a new bipartisan initiative for a change in the policy on Iran.
The conference included distinguished members of the Italian Parliament, including Senators Giulio Terzi, Lucio Malan, and Marco Scurria, as well as representatives Elisabetta Gardini, Emanuele Pozzolo, and Stefania Ascari.
The conference addressed the impact of the Iranian people’s protests for freedom and the poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran and called for the blacklisting of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).
The initiative follows months of anti-regime protests in Iran, which were met with a brutal crackdown by the regime, resulting in the killing of 750 protesters.
At the conference, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI), spoke about the importance of the Italian Senate’s support for the Iranian uprising and Resistance. She commended the Senate’s rejection of monarchical and religious dictatorship, a crucial step towards embracing the programs of the Iranian Resistance.
Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that the responsibility for advancing the uprising lies with the democratic alternative, namely the NCRI, a coalition of groups and individuals with diverse political and ideological leanings. Founded 42 years ago to overthrow the regime, the NCRI aims to build a future based on the people’s sovereignty and fundamental principles such as gender equality, autonomy for nationalities, abolition of the death penalty, and a non-nuclear Iran.
She noted that during the 2009 uprising, Italy’s embassy in Tehran provided refuge to protesters fleeing from the IRGC. Today, the people of Iran are hoping that Italy will take a stronger stance against the regime and declare the IRGC a terrorist organization, cease all trade with the regime, and not supply fuel to the machinery of repression, terrorism, and warmongering.
Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that the Iranian people’s determination to achieve freedom and democracy cannot be suppressed, and the clerical regime is unable to maintain its rule in the face of the tide of uprisings. She called on Western governments to fundamentally reassess their Iran policies and stand in solidarity with the Iranian people. The great Iran uprising has irreversibly changed the conditions of Iranian society and the status of the regime.
Giulio Terzi emphasized the importance of understanding the situation in Iran, commending Mrs. Rajavi and the people of Ashraf 3 for representing the Iranian people and their resistance movement.
Terzi noted that the martyrs of the resistance have sacrificed their lives to stand against the regime. He recommended that a delegation from the Italian Parliament should visit Ashraf 3 to better understand the situation.
Emanuele Pozzolo expressed pride in the regime objecting to their visit to Ashraf 3 and the need to express solidarity with the Iranian people.
Marco Scurria emphasized the need for strong support for the Iranian people and their resistance movement, including bringing the Iran issue to the next Human Rights Council meeting.
Andrea Di Giuseppe called for a change in Western governments’ policy towards Iran and emphasized the need to stand in solidarity with the Iranian people.
Stefania Ascari stressed the importance of lawmakers visiting the Ashraf 3 museum to see the struggles of the Iranian people. She called on Parliament to stand in solidarity with them and not stay silent.
The speakers at the conference recommended a new policy on Iran, including the blacklisting of the IRGC, as the regime is trying to quell any kind of resistance. They emphasized the importance of standing with those who believe in freedom and not giving in to the demands of the regime.


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