IRAN - Iran News Update Report: 297 executions in 2019.

06 April 2020 :

Iran News Update 2019 Report: there were 297 executions in 2019. According to Iran News Update, there were 297 executions in 2019 in prisons or in public. The statistics of executions are as follows: 263 men / 18 women / 6 men in public / 7 children offenders / 3 male political prisoners. Most executions took place in Gohardasht, central Orumieh, Adelabad, Shiraz, central Zahedan, and central Bandar Abbas prisons. Public executions have been carried out in the cities of Hamedan, Khandab, Babol, Kazerun, Rasht, Khomein. Seven executions of child offenders were reported during the year. There are currently about 90 people awaiting execution, all of whom were under the age of 18 at the time of the alleged crime. The execution of child criminals is absolutely forbidden and must end immediately. In 2019, the regime executed 18 women. These statistics include only official and announced items. Explicit executions and secret examples are not included in the statistics.


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