IRAN - Iraj Paaki executed in Urmia on February 19

IRAN - Iraj Paaki

21 February 2024 :

February 19, 2024 - IRAN. Iraj Paaki executed in Urmia on February 19
According to information obtained by IHR, a man was executed in Urmia Central Prison on 19 February. His identity has been established as 35-year-old Iraj Paaki (Iraj Paki Delazi), a Kurdish man from the Kouhsar region of Salmas. He was sentenced to death for drug-related charges by the Revolutionary Court.
A source told IHR: “Around six years ago, Iraj was arrested in Ardabil with his friend Omar Khashmani for drug-related charges. In court, Omar was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and Iraj was sentenced to death. He was transferred to solitary confinement from Ward 1 of the prison the day prior to his execution.”
At the time of writing, his execution has not been reported by domestic media in Iran.


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