IRAN - Houshang Moghtaderi executed in Ahvaz on September 3

IRAN - Ahvaz Central Prison (Sepidar)

17 September 2023 :

September 3, 2023 - Houshang Moghtaderi (Moqtadari) executed in Ahvaz on September 3.
According to information obtained by IHR, a man was executed in Ahvaz Sepidar Prison on 3 September. His identity has been established as 42-year-old Houshang Moghataderi who was sentenced for murder.
A source told IHR: “Moghtaderi was arrested for murder three years ago. He was a father of one and a hairdresser prior to arrest. He was transferred from Sheiban Prison to Sepidar Prison two weeks before his execution.
At the time of writing, his execution has not been reported by domestic media inside Iran.


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