IRAN - Hossein Kachanloo and Abdullah Mohammadzadeh hanged on March 12, at the prison of Urmia

14 March 2020 :

Hossein Kachanloo and Abdullah Mohammadzadeh were hanged on March 12, 2020, at the central prison of Orumiyeh city, West Azerbaijan province. 60-year-old Hossein Kachanloo and 70-year-old Abdullah Mohammadzadeh were transferred to solitary confinement for execution from ward 4-3 at Orumiyeh Central Prison (Urmia Central Prison (Darya) in Urmia (Orumiyeh, Orumieh, Urumieh), West Azerbaijan Province). on March 11. They had previously been transferred to solitary confinement with Amir Mohammadpour, another prisoner sentenced to death, on February 29 but they were returned to prison after receiving respite from the victim’s family. Amir Mohammadpour was executed on the morning of March 01.


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