IRAN - Gholam Rasoul Heydari executed on November 22 in Shiraz

IRAN -Gholam Rasoul Heydari

04 December 2023 :

November 22, 2023 - Gholam Rasoul Heydari executed on November 22 in Shiraz
On Wednesday, November 22, 2023, another detainee from the November 2019 protests, Gholam Rasoul Heydari, a Baluch citizen, was executed amid media silence at Adelabad Prison in Shiraz. Information about his execution has been made public, just recently.
According to the Campaign of Baluch Activists, this citizen had arrived in Jask city from Turkey during the November 2019 protests and was detained by military forces on the way from Minab to Jask, falsely accused of “chanting protest slogans and carrying political books.” After the arrest, Mr. Heydari was transferred to Evin Prison and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court. After his family’s efforts, he was eventually transferred to Adelabad Prison in Shiraz.
However, suddenly and without prior notice, without having a final visit with his family, he was hanged despite his sentence of life imprisonment.
According to reports received from the Campaign of Baluch Activists, Ali Akbar Heydari, the father of Gholam Rasoul Heydari, suffered a heart attack and passed away on Friday, one day after the announcement of his son’s execution.


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