IRAN - Final balance of executions in 2023

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11 January 2024 :

10/01/2024 - Reports of executions in Iran in 2023 can be considered exhausted. The NGOs, in their end-of-year reports, gave different final figures: according to IHRM there were 875 executions, according to Hengaw 823, and according to IHRS 870. IHR's final report has not yet been published. Hands off Cain, which collects data from the above-mentioned NGOs of exiled Iranians abroad, and others (mainly Hrana, NCRI, KHRN), there were at least 878 executions carried out in Iran in the calendar year 2023.
This is the highest figure recorded last year in the world, not only in proportion to the population (Iran has about 90 million inhabitants), but also in absolute terms. Most likely only China (1.4 billion inhabitants) carries out, as overall numbers, more executions than Iran, but for several years now, the Chinese government has only been publishing very few executions, relating to particular news cases. Moreover, while Iranian dissidents abroad are active, and it is the NGOs that discover and publish about 80% of the executions carried out in Iran, there seem to be no Chinese dissidents repaired abroad who would defy government censorship on these issues.


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