IRAN - As of March 13, the death toll of the coronavirus outbreak is 4,000, according to PMOI/MEK sources.

14 March 2020 :

So far, the death toll of the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 4,000, according to PMOI/MEK sources.

Around nine percent of the population in East Azerbaijan Province will be infected with coronavirus by mid-April, according to Mohammad Hossein Somi, dean of Tabriz Medical Sciences University.

“To this day, the result of 279 tests in this province have been positive and if the number of positive cases reaches 300, it will mean that there are 3,000 infected people across the province that have not sought any medical attention at hospitals. They are spreading the virus,” Somi said in an interview at 11 pm local time on Thursday, March 12. His remarks indicate COVID-19 has expanded to all cities of East Azerbaijan Province.

More than 4,000 people in 166 cities across Iran have died of the coronavirus as of Friday, March 23, according to the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). The number of victims are as follows: in Qom 650, in Tehran 570, in Gilan 551, in Khorasan Razavi 376, in Mazandaran 314, in Golestan 302, in Kurdistan 123, in Lorestan 120, in Hamedan 19 and in Ilam 14. These numbers are in addition to those of 21 other provinces.

Since the number of the fatalities in Iran is escalating around the clock, Mohammad Reza Najafi, a member of regime’s Majlis (parliament) warned regime President Hassan Rouhani of the inevitable consequences of continued cover-up. “Despite, the ongoing cover-up policy, the crisis is flaring up and the golden time to overcome it may pass by. We are getting close to the point of no return”, he said.

“Among the Coronavirus patients who referred to the hospital 10%, 30%, and 50% tested positive on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively", the state-run news agency, ISNA, quoted the Director of Tabriz Medical Science University in East Azerbaijan Province as saying. “In a month time, 400,000 people will be affected in the Province, while our hospitals have only 4,000 beds.  If the number of infections increases, considering the degrading medical services, 40% of those hospitalized will die”.

To counter increasing public anger over the regime's criminal cover-up and inaction, on Thursday, March 12, regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei assigned Chief of Staff of Iranian regime’s Armed Forces, IRGC Major General Mohammad Bagheri, to form a "health command center" to prevent and treat Corona. However, the actual purpose is to prevent popular uprisings and protests.


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