IRAN - Ali Ghareh Lar and Mojtaba Ramin executed in Qom

IRAN - Ali Qaraler

08 August 2022 :

Ali Ghareh Lar and Mojtaba Ramin executed in Qom. On August 1 and 6.
According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, a man was executed in Qom Central Prison on August 6. His identity has been established as Ali Ghareh Lar (Ali Qaraler), 27, who was arrested in 2018 and sentenced to death for both drug-related and murder charges. Sources have reported that he was executed for the murder charges. According to Javanehha, Ali Qaraler was sentenced to death by Judge Davoodi Abadi on drug charges and transferred from Ward 1 of Qom Central Prison to solitary cell to be executed.
According to an informed source, “Ali Qaraler executed even though he was not guilty and he only drove a car at the request of his friend, but he arrested and sentenced to death on drug charges.”
Following the release of a video from Qom prison, in which Hamid Qaraler, the brother of this prisoner, along with other prisoners, asked for help from people of Iran, prison officials transferred Hamid to solitary cell as punishment.
Also, according to information, the family of this prisoner could not see him for the last time before his execution. And the reason for that is the publication of this video on social networks.
Another prisoner was executed at the prison on August 1. His identity has been established as Mojtaba Ramin, sentenced for murder.
At the time of writing, neither of their executions have been reported by domestic media in Iran.


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