IRAN - A woman, Mahboubeh Roshandel, executed in Mashhad on September 4

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17 September 2023 :

September 4, 2023 - Mahboubeh Roshandel (Mehbobeh Roshan Del), a woman, was executed in Mashhad on September 4. She is the 200th woman execution recorded since 2010 and the 12th woman executed in 2023.
According to HRANA, a woman was executed in Mashhad Central Prison (Vakil Abad) on 4 September. Her identity has been established as 27-year-old Mahboubeh Roshandel, who was sentenced for murder. She was a mother to a six year old and is alleged to have murdered her mother-in-law.
A source was quoted: “The family refused to allow her to see her daughter in prison. This caused her to gradually become depressed behind bars. But prison authorities didn’t provide any medical treatment. The victim’s family recently said they’d decided to forgo execution but the relief only lasted a few days for Ms Roshandel because they changed their minds. And she was consequently executed.”,executed%20in%20Mashhad%20Central%20Prison.


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