IRAN - 4 men executed in Gorgan Prison on 24 May 2022

IRAN - Gorgan Prison

05 August 2022 :

4 men executed in Gorgan Prison on 24 May 2022
Iran Human Rights has been able to confirm the execution of four men in Gorgan Prison on 24 May 2022 through newly obtained information. Three of the men who were sentenced to death for drug-related charges have been identified as Mostafa Hamidzadeh, Houshang Bagheri and Alimorad (surname unknown). The fourth man who was sentenced for murder has been identified has 25-year-old Nasser Moghadam. A source told Iran Human Rights: “Nasser Moghaddam was behind bars for around four years. The victim’s family was willing to forgive but his brother wanted the sentence to be carried out. Alimorad was from Khorramabad and had been arrested three years ago.” At the time of writing, none of their executions have been reported by media in Iran.,2022%20through%20newly%20obtained%20information.


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