IRAN - 3 prisoners were executed in Dastgerd Prison, in Isfahan, on July 11.

16 July 2020 :

3 prisoners were executed in Isfahan Central Prison on July 11. According to Iran Human Rights, on the morning of Saturday, July 11, the death sentences of three prisoners were carried out in Isfahan Central Prison. The identities of the three, whose sentences related to separate cases, have been established as Davoud Amani, Abdulaziz Shahbakhsh, and Abdullah Ghanbarzehi. Davoud Amani, a Kashan native, was sentenced to death on "narcotics" charges as well as "premeditated murder". It is highly likely that he was sentenced to retribution in kind for the murder charge. According to the Baloch Activists Campaign, which first broke the news of Abdulaziz and Abdullah's executions, Abdullah has been held in Isfahan prison for three years, and both men were sentenced to death on "narcotics" related charges. At the time of publication, the execution of these prisoners has not been announced by local media or officials.


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