IRAN - 3 men executed in Gohardasht on May 31

IRAN - Varie (Hengaw)

01 June 2023 :

(May 31, 2023) - 3 men executed in Gohardasht Central Prison, aka Rajai Shahr, on May 31
Hossein Rusta (Roosta), Nader Nouri, Hassan Nourollahi
The death sentence of three prisoners in the Rajaei-Shahr Prison of Karaj were executed. The identities of the men have been confirmed as Hossein Rusta, Nader Nouri, Hassan Nourollahi.
According to the report received by Hengaw, at dawn on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, the death sentences of two prisoners named Hossein Rusta and Nader Nouri and another prisoner, whose identity is under investigation, were executed in the Rajaei-Shahr prison of Karaj. These three prisoners were all sentenced for murder.
Until the time of writing this news, the execution of these three prisoners had not been announced inside Iran.


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