IRAN - 3,600 individuals arrested for "spreading rumors about coronavirus".

30 April 2020 :

The Spokesman of Iran's Armed Forces on Tuesday said Iran's Law Enforcement Forces (Police) and the Revolutionary Guard's militia arm (Basij) have arrested 3,600 individuals for "spreading rumors about coronavirus". Speaking on a live news program on Channel 2 of Iran's state-run television Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi warned that rumors are a means of psychological war against Iran and said those who lead rumor campaigns will be arrested. "Our enemies are always hostile and have agents to further their wishes in our country but we had a very good performance in combating coronavirus in comparison with countries that claim to be advanced. You can see what disaster the United States is stuck in," he said and claimed that "unlike" the United States and some other countries, the Iranian military is helping in the fight against coronavirus.


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