20 June 2005 :

a briefing entitled: “THE ROLE OF THE UN TOWARD ENDING EXECUTIONS - True Stories and Practical Realities in Africa and the U.S.A.”, will be held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on April 12. The event is organized by Hands Off Cain, the Transnational Radical Party and the National Association For Criminal Defence Lawyers.
The briefing will see the participation of Joe Amrine, 109th person to be released from a US death row, Muzaliwa Maroy Jean de Dieu, former prisoner on death row in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sandra Babcock, Defense Counsel Coordinator for Mexican Nationals on US death rows, Nkem Adeleye Ichoku, Death Row Phenomenon Scholar at the University of Central England and Roger Remera of the Mitigation Center for Capital Assistance USA and survivor of the Rwandan genocide. The event will be moderated by Elisabetta Zamparutti, Hands Off Cain.
Former DRC death row inmate Muzaliwa Maroy Jean de Dieu will be intervening in the following days at the Commission on Human Rights on behalf of Hands Off Cain and the Transnational Radical Party. His intervention will be in support of the approval by the UN General Assembly of a resolution for a universal moratorium on executions presented by Luxemburg, current holders of the EU Presidency.

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