Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam, Grand Mufti of Egypt

04 March 2024 :

An Egyptian doctor has been sentenced to death by hanging after being convicted of raping 93 patients, Gulf News reported on March 2, 2024.
The verdict was delivered by a Criminal Court in Egypt, following a case that shocked the nation and was extensively covered in the media.
The court's decision came after consulting with Egypt's Grand Mufti, a procedure required for death sentences in the country.
The chilling story began when a woman filed a report against a doctor operating a clinic in Cairo's Shubra neighborhood. She accused him of coercing her into sexual relations in exchange for performing an abortion. Prompt action led to the doctor's arrest.
Subsequent investigations revealed a disturbing pattern of abuse within the clinic's walls. It was revealed that the doctor exploited his position to perform abortions for financial gain, often resorting to sexual coercion and subsequent blackmail of his patients.
Surveillance footage from the clinic revealed the extent of the doctor's depravity, implicating him in the assault of 93 patients. Shockingly, some victims were assaulted with their apparent consent, while others fell prey after the doctor drugged them.
The case sparked outrage across Egypt, dominating social media discussions following the doctor's arrest and trial. The severity of the crimes prompted the court to seek the Grand Mufti's opinion on the death penalty, resulting in the death verdict.


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