12 September 2019 :

Giza Criminal Court handed down on 19 August 2019 a death penalty to six people over founding a terrorist group that aimed to disrupt the constitution and killing three persons including a policeman.
The six defendants include Ahmed Abdel Rahman Mahmoud, Mohamed Abdel Latef Hanafi, Mohamed Salah, Islam Kamal Abu al-Fottoh, Islam Mahmoud Abdel Fattah, and Fayez Zaki Ali.
The court acquitted 14 others of all charges.
The documents of the defendants in the case known as “Kerdasa Public Resistance Committee,” were referred to the Grand Mufti in May to seek his non-binding opinion over sentencing the defendants to death.
The defendants also face charges of possessing weapons and ammunition without a license.
The public prosecutor charged the defendants with forming a terrorist group in 2013 near Kerdasa police station to disrupt the provisions of the Constitution and the law and prevent state institutions from performing their duties.
Also, 41 defendants in the case were sentenced to life (25 years in prison) including 28 in absentia, and seven defendants were handed a 15 year-imprisonment sentence.
A juvenile in the case was sentenced to three years in prison.

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